Nuovi corsi European SchoolNet, tre nuovi corsi: STEM careers, Fragile Planet, Collaborative Teaching

La European SchoolNet ha avviato tre nuovi corsi che partiranno tra settembre ed ottobre. Si tratta di corsi in lingua inglese aperti a tutti i docenti di ogni parte del mondo. I dettagli.

  • Opening Schools to STEM Careers – this course is meant to train and empower Heads of Schools and Career Counsellors in successfully equipping -and adapting- schools with tools for introducing and attracting young people to STEM careers. During this course, participants will learn how to recognize relevant STEM career pathways, identify significant STEM skills and soft abilities, address gender stereotypes, collaborate at in-school-level for STEM career counselling and host and create STEM career events and overall, among others. The course launches on 25th September and you can enroll here.
  • Our Fragile Planet – in this last course in a 4-part series exploring how to teach using space and astronomy topics, we aim at getting you acquainted with the topic of Our Fragile Planet and the ways of effectively introducing it with the help of Space Awareness resources in a relevant curriculum in the science classroom. The course will address questions of diversity related to space sciences and provide guidance and resources for introducing students to a range of space careers.This online course is built in such a way so that all teachers can participate, focusing especially on those who are interested in astronomy but never had the opportunity to learn more about it or have very little background information and do not feel comfortable to communicate basic information about our planet to their students. The course launches on 2nd October and you can enroll here.
  • Collaborative Teaching and Learning_2nd edition – during this course you will receive advice from experts and peers, as well as concrete suggestions about how to carry out collaborative teaching and learning in your classroom. You will also have access to videos of inspiring practice and other support material. Moreover, you will have the chance to belong to a Europe-wide community of like-minded practitioners, dedicated to working together to make collaborative teaching and learning a reality in the classroom. The course launches on 25th September and you can enroll here.

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